Mr and Mrs Moram to be :-)

Mr and Mrs Moram to be :-)
Mr and Mrs Moram to be :-)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Don’t Tell The Bride comes to an end

I was slightly sad when the final episode in this series of ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ was aired on BBC3 last month.  9pm every Tuesday is a time I look forward to every week as my Mum and I watch the show and spend the hour usually cringing at the bad decisions made by the grooms, more often than not related to the dress!

This week’s show saw 29 year old Hywel organise a Glastonbury themed wedding for his bride to be Beca, also 29.  As usual, they both had completely different ideas on how their big day should be, with Beca preferring a sophisticated cocktail party and Hywel just wanting music to lead the way.  He even made a personal pop ‘Wonderwall’ video in tribute to his bride and favourite band, Oasis.

In the end, as usual, the day was a big success, with the sun shining down on the couple as they took their vows in an outdoor garden and held their reception in a marquee.

I do wonder though how brides-to-be put the trust of their big day with their grooms.  The £12,000 provided by the show would certainly come in handy, but I just don’t know whether Ben would make all the right decisions for the biggest day of our lives, bless him.  He’d probably have me wear a really tight dress and I know he’d try his hardest to get Andy C to do a DJ set in the evening!  

So farewell to the trashy but likeable show for now…until next season!  I guess there’s always ‘Wedding House’ on Channel 4 to watch.  Car crash TV at its best!

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